Sunday, January 10, 2010

Superstition Hike up to Flat Iron

Spencer went on a hike up the Superstition Mountains on Saturday. The hike is called Siphon Draw, commonly known as Flat Iron. Here are some pictures:
Elevation started at around 2,000 feet. The first mile, of 3, was nothing more than this easy to moderate incline. You can see the destination here. It's the peak on top of the mountain with the stripe running across the middle of it. The peak is about 4,600 feet.

The trail starts getting a little steeper here, but haven't yet reached the hard part.

Here is another view. You can see a portion of slick rock in the middle of this picture.

Here is a closer view of the slickrock
At the top of the slickrock you make your first "crest" only to see this. The trail goes right up the middle of this draw...a lot of "stairs" and climbing.

Here's my hiking partner, Wendell, attempting the last 15 foot climb. It looks as bad as it is...but once at the top, you're done

At the top of that last climb you can see the peak. Nice and easy from here.

The reward shot. You can see the easy part of the trail along the left side of my arm.

This is the view below my feet. About a 600 foot drop here.

Here's a map made by my iPhone

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Carlsbad 2008

We just got home from a GREAT trip to Carlsbad, California. We headed over on Monday to meet the Payne family there on Tuesday. Here is a picture of our campsite right on the bluff over looking the ocean. Falling asleep to the sound of crashing waves was awesome!

Ethan and Pierce really enjoyed borrowing the cousins car and riding it down the hill. The catch is that I had to run at a full sprint next to it to keep it from crashing. Great fun for the boys and great exercise for me!

The boys also really enjoyed playing in the sand, not so much the water.

Spencer talking Ethan into riding the waves.

The end result in chronological order.

Pierce walking to the water's edge with Sarah. They are so cute!

Pierce after a long day at the beach.

And after this taking way to long because I am a begining blogger, I am going to post this with the hope that I will finish it tomorrow. Because there is more!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Easter Egg Hunt

So if you haven't noticed by now I am not the best blogger and I am still learning some of the tricks. Bear with me.

The evening of Easter Grandma and Grandad Owens had an Easter Egg Hunt for all 22 grandkids at their house. It felt like a mob when all the kids were finally released into the backyard to start the hunt. They had a great time. These are some pictures of them hunting eggs and Grandad with all the grandkids.

Easter Morning

The Easter bunny came to our house and left baskets outside each of their doors. They had so much fun placing them there the night before they went to bed. Ethan kept saying the "Big Bunny" is going to come. The flashlights inside were a big hit. We have already been through two sets of batteries. They are waterproof so we can't wait to take them night swimming! Yes, for all you that don't live in Arizona. Swim season has begun. We have cousins who spent their Spring Break in the pool swimming. Crazy!


So I am finally getting around to posting Easter. On Friday afternoon Grandma Owens had all the grandchildren come over to color Easter eggs. It was great! Cousin Jayden even brought her bunny for the kids to hold. Here are some pictures of the kids!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Weird Things Kids Do, Part II

Our story continues with Ethan and his strange sleeping habits. We went in to check on him the other night when we found him asleep this time inside a pillow case. First the underwear, now the pillow case...we can only imagine what is going to be next. Stay tuned...

Two Boys

Each morning Ethan and Pierce love to be carried down the stairs by dad or mom for breakfast. But my most favorite is when Spencer is carrying both boys down the stairs and Ethan says to me, "Two boys, Mommy. It's your two boys." I love it.

I have to say that we have crossed a milestone. Ethan is now understanding that instead of Pierce being an annoying little brother that follows him around doing everything he is that Pierce can be a live-in friend to play with. This week they have finally started playing together. YEAH!!! for me. Now I don't have to be constantly entertaining them and I have two seconds to breath ALONE!

My two boys are also really into hugs. Ethan seems to have trouble remembering that we don't hit others. So we have made it a habit to encourage pats, hugs, high fives and the rock as appropriate things to do. So here is a picture of my two boys giving each other hugs.