Sunday, March 9, 2008

Two Boys

Each morning Ethan and Pierce love to be carried down the stairs by dad or mom for breakfast. But my most favorite is when Spencer is carrying both boys down the stairs and Ethan says to me, "Two boys, Mommy. It's your two boys." I love it.

I have to say that we have crossed a milestone. Ethan is now understanding that instead of Pierce being an annoying little brother that follows him around doing everything he is that Pierce can be a live-in friend to play with. This week they have finally started playing together. YEAH!!! for me. Now I don't have to be constantly entertaining them and I have two seconds to breath ALONE!

My two boys are also really into hugs. Ethan seems to have trouble remembering that we don't hit others. So we have made it a habit to encourage pats, hugs, high fives and the rock as appropriate things to do. So here is a picture of my two boys giving each other hugs.


Michelle Rigby said...

Great post!
The "hitting" thing is always a hard thing to teach. I dread it w/ each of my children.
It's a great thing when the brothers/sisters can start playing together. I loved it when Rylee and Dylin started...and soon Dylin and Lyndee...and then...well, I won't go there. :)

Michelle Cox said...

So sweet... That is a big relief. I'm looking forward to when my second son stops trying to maim the baby!