Sunday, January 10, 2010

Superstition Hike up to Flat Iron

Spencer went on a hike up the Superstition Mountains on Saturday. The hike is called Siphon Draw, commonly known as Flat Iron. Here are some pictures:
Elevation started at around 2,000 feet. The first mile, of 3, was nothing more than this easy to moderate incline. You can see the destination here. It's the peak on top of the mountain with the stripe running across the middle of it. The peak is about 4,600 feet.

The trail starts getting a little steeper here, but haven't yet reached the hard part.

Here is another view. You can see a portion of slick rock in the middle of this picture.

Here is a closer view of the slickrock
At the top of the slickrock you make your first "crest" only to see this. The trail goes right up the middle of this draw...a lot of "stairs" and climbing.

Here's my hiking partner, Wendell, attempting the last 15 foot climb. It looks as bad as it is...but once at the top, you're done

At the top of that last climb you can see the peak. Nice and easy from here.

The reward shot. You can see the easy part of the trail along the left side of my arm.

This is the view below my feet. About a 600 foot drop here.

Here's a map made by my iPhone


Emilee said...

AWESOME hike! I didn't know AZ had such beautiful mountain ranges. Your Christmas card was awesome! Glad to see that your family is doing well.

lambfamblog said...

It's a miracle!!!!! You're blogging again!!!! Davis is soooo cute. Thanks for the cute Christmas card and new pic for my refridge.

Michelle said...

Let's do it again!!